Want to make being a landlord stress free?

If you own rental property, you should be able to sleep well at night, knowing that the rent will be paid on time, the property will remain damage free, and you won’t be getting calls late at night for minor things like clogged toilets. 

We can turn your property into the stress-free, hands-off passive investment, that you intended for it to be. 


Work with us if you want to maximize your revenue potential with little to no effort on your part! As your tenant, we will: 

  • Pay rent on time (or early), in full, every month
  • Prescreen all of clients ( traveling nurses, professors and grad students, and other working professionals)
  • Professionally clean the home several times per month
  • Cover the property with special liability insurance
  • Handle and small maintenance issues (clogged toilet, air filters, light bulbs, etc.)

You can  “Set it, and forget it!”  

We Provide Corporate Housing


Your home fits our portfolio

We provide fully furnished housing to our clients via our Corporate Housing division Southpaw Stays. Our clients include traveling medical professionals, professors and graduate students, digital nomads, athletes and their families, and others. 

Creative Solutions to Increase Your Cash Flow

We are a small group real estate investors who focus on creative solutions. We own properties, co-host others, and engage in creative joint ventures with homeowners and landlords looking to get the most out of their properties. We use these three main strategies to maximize your earning potential as a property owner:

Corporate Lease

We sign the lease as a business entity rather than a personal lease. Other than that, the lease operates like a regular

STR Co-hosting

We manage the operations of the STR on your behalf for a percentage of the revenue. 

Joint Venture

We work with you as the homeowner to setup and operate as a short-term or medium-term rental, and share renevue based on value we provide. This could include:

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Keep Your Equity, Increase Your Cash Flow!

The market is cooling. Yesterday’s prices (2021-early 2022) ain’t today’s prices. If you are looking to sell, you may have to take a financial haircut, or grant concessions that eat away at your profit.  Home values may be down right now, but they will eventually they will go back up. We can help you increase your cash flow while you hold onto the property and continue to build equity.

We move quickly when we identify the right properties and pay security deposits, sign leases, and pay first month’s rent immediately. If it makes you more comfortable we can pay a larger security deposit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We sign a lease with the landlord just like a regular tenant – usually 12-24 months. The landlord receives the same amount of rent every month. The only difference is we include an addendum that states the landlord grants permission for us to house our clients, who may stay for a week, a month, 90 days or longer. 

Absolutely! permission from the homeowner is necessary. Some cities do have restrictions on short-term rentals. We would never want to risk having our operation shut down, so we will check all local laws and regulations for specific rules and restrictions before entering into a lease.

We have clients who travel to the area for a variety of reasons who stay for extended periods of time. Whether its a medical professional on assignment, a family displaced for an insurance claim, or a digital nomad, we provide a “home away from home” experience for them. 

We need to add different type of properties to our portfolio to properly meet the needs of our clients. 

You will need to create, manage, and optimize your listing on multiple different booking platforms, communicate with guests, handle check-ins/check-outs, schedule cleanings, manage inventory, and deal with issues that arise during  guest stays. There is a level of hospitality needed to operate the way we do, that is not required for long-term rentals. 

Our ratings and reviews are proof that we know what we are doing, and hospitality is our jam! Let us do the dirty work, while you reap the benefit. 

No. Our clients are primarily working professionals who are out of the house most of the day, and just want a comfortable play to unwind after work and get a good night’s sleep. Also, when people travel they tend to eat out more or order in, rather than cook. They go to events and do activities out in town, rather than lounge around the house. We have seen that appliances, furniture, and the home in general receives much less wear and tear than a long-term rental. Also, the home is professionally cleaned and returned back to its originally glory after each guest! 

My grandmother always said if you invite someone into your home, it’s your responsibility to make them comfortable. If you stayed with her for 30 minutes, 2 nights, or a month, you know that she had this way of making you feel like your comfort was the most important thing in the world. It is that sense of hospitality and caring for others that is ingrained in the fabric of our operation. We believe anything less than a 5-star experience at a property that we own, co-host, or partner on is a failure on our part. 

We have a client who did a fabulous rehab on a property. However, due to the current market conditions, they did not want to sell the property just yet. We settled on an revenue sharing agreement where we furnished the property and operate it as a short-term rental. The owner is not involved at all – doesn’t talk to guests, doesn’t do check-ins or checkouts… in fact, they haven’t even visited the property since it was first set up! They do nothing…and get a just get a check every month!

They also retain the flexibility to sell whenever they see fit! 

If your property is in area that sees frequent visitors and/or is close to hospitals, universities, beaches, lakes, or other attractions, it is likely to be a good fit for our portfolio. Many of the properties in our portfolio are in or near areas where people travel for work assignments (think tech companies, traveling medical professionals, and large construction projects).

Contact us today to discuss your property and how we can work together. We will talk about your property and your situation. Once we come to an agreement, we will sign a lease or co-hosting agreement and get started on getting the property operation as soon as possible.